Kiloblaster Epic MegaGames, Inc. 1992

New-age Galaxian. Move along in space in your fighter and shoot anything that moves, while collecting power-ups, such as fruits (fruits in space?) and thing, which looks like red circle with yellow "T" inside. Like other games from Epic, it's shareware and only the first episode is free. You have to pay for two other episodes. Unusually, this game uses completely different background images for EGA and VGA graphic modes, not just 16 and 256 color variations of the same image. EGA images are extremely simplistic and appear to be composed of generic tiles, whereas VGA images are 256 color photos. This game has joystick, Sound Blaster and VGA support. It was later made freeware in 2008.
Freeware Game v2.0 1.4MB (uploaded by RGB Classic Games)
included in Epic Megagames Adventures - ISO Demo 17MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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