Scorpion: Disfigured B-COOL Interactive / Akella / Atari 2009

In 2068 Eastern Europe was broken into several industrial regions exploited by American and Asian corporations. Once prosperous cities became sites of harmful plants ruled by criminal syndicates. Drug industry, illegal cloning and experiments on human beings have reached an industrial scale under the patronage of multiple terrorist organizations. When one of these organizations gains a super dangerous nano-virus, a threat to the whole mankind emerges. The best warrior of Russian Special Forces receives an objective to get into the laboratory and to exterminate the virus...
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German Level Demo v1.1.0 640MB (uploaded by Worthdownloading)
Review by wkduffy
Full Demo Repack (Russian installer, English text/sound) 1.36GB (uploaded by scaryfun)
English Tech Demo 280MB (uploaded by mr.editor)
Scorpion Disfigured - Digital Download ISO Demo 2.05GB (uploaded by Terje_P)

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