STG Creator / STG Builder [J] STG Builder 2007

This is a free Japanese shoot 'em up game maker. Sprite, sound effects, BGM (using OGG file), player, background, stage, barrage, script, character, formation, font, layout editing etc are all possible. It is also possible to create distribution data, and even for tests and data that can actually be played, data is included, so you can create side-scrolling STG and vertical STG. There is background editing that allows you to finely set familiar functions such as player editing, power up type, power up level, speed up level. With this kind of feeling it's possible for editing of the section can be done properly. Script editing is quite fine but various character editing is quite full-blown, it can be done quite well. Debugging by test play is also possible. Initially it was for 2D games but with v2.0, 3D graphics can now be created as well and the name was changed to STG Creator.
Japanese Free Download 30MB (uploaded by Official Site)
Download Free Games made with STG Creator (uploaded by ESB - Build Shooters)
STG Builder English Patch v1.02 988kb (uploaded by Shmups Forum)

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