Bulsajoteog Choehuui Jeonsa / Duck Microbase / Gamebox 1998

In this vertical shmup, you control a superhero-duck, and completely humanoid, without any wings, but who can fly, wearing a superhero costume and the unchanging cloak behind him. We fly from the bottom up the screen, collecting rare bonuses, shooting not very interesting opponents, which basically can only hurt us, and other items such as binoculars, hamburgers, gears, airplanes and so on. After some time, our (apparently) real enemies begin to appear, already able to conduct remote fire - in this game their role is played by giant insects. And if the same huge (much more than our hero) wasps, like other "trifles", are killed with a single shot, then by the middle of the first mission there will be semi-bosses, and then the boss; these creatures are able to periodically "leave" the boundaries of the screen and then come back again, and they, naturally, can not be destroyed with a single shot. In the rest everything is standard: ammunition is endless, "lives" are enough. Picture - a nice VGA-palette, and if the effects of shots and "characters" are simply pleasing, then the backgrounds stretching under us bring to real delight - the action unfolds over a huge night city with skyscrapers playing a myriad of lights and partially covered by clouds ... Very beautiful. The verdict is nothing special, but if you recall the rarity of the game, more than the unusual main character, and then add an objectively entertaining gameplay - then the game will turn out to be an entertaining one, which will not be seen by any fan of vertical shooters.
ISO Demo 6.5MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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