Spec Ops II: Operation Bravo Zombie / Ripcord Games 2000

Originally released as a free download at the official website for Spec Ops II: Green Berets, Operation Bravo tweaks the gameplay and AI of Spec Ops II, attempting to fix many of the glitches and bugs of the original. It also adds 25 new missions in jungle, desert, arctic, and urban settings. The mission pack is much the same as the other programs: it features three difficulty levels and a number of scenario locations. You can choose from alpine, desert, jungle, and urban (MOUT - Military Operations in Urban Terrain). Each setting features five missions. In the mission set-up menu, there are numerous weapons to choose from, and you can equip each member of the two-man team with various devices, from med kits to explosives. Unlike the missions in the Ranger package, the missions in the Green Beret add-on are mostly recon or clear missions. New multiplayer modes are Capture the Flag and Last Man Standing. Scout out enemy encampments or clear bunkers of enemy troops. However this program still provides on-your-toes action in a wide variety of settings. The multiplayer code was improved as well as the intelligence of your fellow-members.
Spec Ops Platinum ISO Demo 441MB (upped by Egon68) * includes Spec Ops, Spec Ops: Ranger Team Bravo, Spec Ops 2, Spec Ops 2: Operation Bravo
Spec Ops 2 Platinum - Proper Full Demo (original + Platinum level packs) (3DSL Upload) 95MB
Platinum Edition Standalone Levels Full Demo 101MB (uploaded by keropi)
Spec Ops 2 + Operation Bravo - merged menus 3MB (uploaded by 3DSL Upload)

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