Splinter Cell: Mission Pack Ubi Soft 2004

The 3 missions previously only available on the XBox version of the game now come to the PC: Kola Cell, Infiltration Vselka and Submarine Vselka, plus a new intro movie and two promotional videos. A new order has come through. The dissidents around Nikoladzeh have joined forces and created "Kola-Cells". The plan is deadly and already underway, and it's up to Splinter Cell to sabotage the system before the world is faced with nuclear warfare. The first mission requires the infiltration of a Georgian warehouse (the original Kola Cell mission, from March 2003). It pushes Sam Fisher to the limits, with a lot of security measures and enemies. The second mission is titled Vselka Infiltration and the general story is that information collected at the Kola Facility indicates that Colonel Alekseevich's cell has orders to capture a Russian submarine manufacturing facility. There is a nuclear submarine and Fisher must prevent the takeover. The third and final mission, Vselka Submarine, shows that Alekseevich's men have taken control of the submarine and Fisher must access the onboard computers to locate the status of the nuclear warheads. This pack was only released in Europe.
Full Demo ~43MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
ISO Demo 733MB (upped by Scaryfun)

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