Tag: The Power of Paint Tag Team / DigiPen Institute of Technology 2008

Tag: The Power of Paint is a trick-based puzzle platformer played from a first-person perspective. Perhaps giving a nod to Mirror's Edge and Portal, the game consists of different levels set in a cel-shaded city dominated by shades of grey and white. With no background story provided, the player needs to use tricks all based on movement to jump from roofs, run along ramps and ceilings, and work his way up walls and different moving obstacles.
At the start, the player is only able to move around. Soon however a paint gun can be picked up to equip it with paint of three different colours: green, red and blue. With unlimited "ammo", the player is able to spray the environment and affect it with the abilities inherent to the type of paint. For instance, green paint can be used to create jump spots, launching the player into the air even while running like a Quake rocket jump. It can also be applied to walls for a quick succession of jumps to get on top of walls. Red is used to gain additional speed and cross large distances. Paint can also be combined, creating a launch pad in red finished off with a green jump. The final colour, blue, is sticky and can be applied to walls, billboards or ceiling to cross them without falling down.
In later levels, the quick succession of different paint is needed to solve puzzles and eventually reach an orb to complete the level. During levels billboards provide helpful instructions and there are mid-level checkpoints.
Free Game 56MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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