Tank Universal Dialogue Design / Meridian4, Inc. 2008

Meet George. Today George has visited a doctor. Doctor told George that his condition has worsened and recommended a virtual reality simulator to take George's mind off things. Following the doctor's orders George puts the helmet on and finds himself in the world of Tank Universal. Tank Universal can be most easily described as a tank simulator inside a Tron world. However, apart from visual similarities to the cyberpunk aesthetics of Tron and Darwinia, the world of TU is largely an original creation, featuring its own highly developed civilization struggling under the rule of malevolent dictator. The circumstances force the player to join the uprising and bring the victory to the rebellion in 20 various mission. Although there is a couple of missions on foot, the game is largely played inside a tank. The tank can be upgraded by receiving upgrade points for completing objectives or destroying specific targets like turrets and robotic behemoths. At some points the player is required to take command of a fortress and storm the defences of the opposing side in order to retrieve its key. Once the key is delivered to the home base, the enemy encampment is obliterated. Apart from the mission based campaign, the game also features a skirmish mode, in which the player is required to withstand an increasingly violent waves of enemies.
Steam Level Demo / Updated Level Demo ~87MB ( @ CNET)
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Full Demo 150MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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