Tank Racer Glass Ghost / Grolier Interactive Inc. 1999

Tank Racer is a mixed driving and shooting game in which you race tanks through various courses. There are 15 normal and secret tanks to choose from, and a total of 22 different maps from a quiet English village to a spooky New Orleans swamp, a bustling Eastern European city to the controlled, sterile atmosphere of a biosphere! The main goal of the single player mode in Tank Racer is to win all 3 cups in the World Tank Racing Championships (WTRC). The EBZ tank brand is built for handling and taking corners rather than for speed and this remains true for each of the cups. Although there are differences, the 'EBZ 212 coupe' has handling as the highest statistic while the 'EBZ 720 SLi' switches to acceleration, top speed is still their lowest rating. Cars that block the road are no longer unpassable obstacles, you simply run over them rendering them flattened for the next round. Driving through parts of a houses to quickly cut off a corner and save time becomes standard. There's 2 multiplayer modes: Battle mode lets you battle against one other player (via LAN, the Internet, Modem link or DirectCable) in 1 of 8 tracks; Multiplayer Race mode lets you race with up to 5 other players. There are 8 power-ups: homing missile, concussion shell, turbo, mines, shield, alien abduction, electro mine, slider rizer.

Level Demo 6MB (uploaded by AG.ru)
Full Demo 16MB (@ Fajnegry)
Full Demo (@ DJ Games)
ISO Demo 544MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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