Terrorist Takedown: Covert Operations CITY Interactive 2006

The story takes place in Columbia during the escalation of a local conflict. The player assumes the role of an American soldier serving in special forces -- lieutenant Jake Morche. You are given an extremely difficult mission to handle -- eliminate a drug cartel baron. Along with your team, you enter the enemies' territory to bring back peace in the region. Your mission, which appeared to be easy from a tactical point of view, slowly turns into a regular war against the drug cartel army. The task appointed to you proves to be much harder than it was assumed. The Colombian drug cartel army is more blood-thirsty than ever before. Your opponents are perfectly trained and possess great striking power. You need to resort to cunning and intelligence in order to successfull face their power.
2-Level Demo 362MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
German ISO Demo 581MB (uploaded by Molitor)
English ISO Demo 489MB (uploaded by Molitor)

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