Tex Atomic's Big Bot Battles Monolith Productions / Real.com Games 2001

This is a downloadable giant robot sport-fighting game with simple arcade shooter action for only $19.95. It's playable Single-player or Head-to-Head with nine fully-configurable bots, ten weapons, and four BattleGame events. There are a wide variety of different shield, jump jet, speed, and recharge options and over 50 custom skins for the Bots-for maximum player personalization. It uses the LithTech engine and graphically looks good. The game was included in the beta launch of the RealArcade game service which at the start included more than 150 downloadable and Web-based games, all designed for easy installation and play. RealArcade includes advertisements for online multiplayer but the offline play is ad-free.
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Level Demo incl. Real Arcade ~16MB ( @ Download.com)
Full Demo ~39MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)

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