RVGL RV Team 2016

RVGL is a cross-platform rewrite / port of the 1999 game Re-Volt that runs natively on both Windows and GNU/Linux. It's powered entirely by modern, open source components. It currently uses: The industry standard OpenGL for the graphics (Both legacy and modern OpenGL devices are supported); OpenAL Soft for the audio. This is an independent, software implementation of OpenAL that provides various backends for different platforms. It also supports audio streaming facilities (OGG, FLAC, MP3); SDL2 for input - keyboard and various joysticks, gamepads and controllers, and other platform specific support (threads, timers, etc); ENet, a lightweight UDP library for networking. Features: Support for various Operating Systems (Windows, Linux, Android) and architectures; Wide screen, Full HD, 4K resolutions support; Additional content from the Dreamcast version brought to PC and Android; 2-4 player Split-Screen multiplayer mode brought to PC; Graphics - Improved font, native support for Anisotropic Filtering and MSAA; Audio - True 3D surround audio, original soundtrack playback (Ogg, Flac, MP3); Input - Supports a wide variety of gamepads, X360 and PS3 controllers; Netplay - Low latency Peer-to-Peer multiplayer, spectating and lobby support; New languages and International Keyboard Layouts support; Customization - car skins, per-car box art, per-level music, extensive features for custom content creation; Improved gameplay stability, especially on high end systems; Efficient multi-threaded loading, silent loading and much more.
Free Game 974MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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