Top Shot 2: Lock N' Load Cat Daddy Games / Activision Value 2001

This is the sequel to the gun lover's dream product. Top Shot II allows the player to test out 22 real-life guns in a huge variety of marksmanship challenges. Realistic U.S.-regulation skeet and trap shooting is just the beginning. From improved and highly accurate bullet ballistics to the subtle effects of wind and weather, Top Shot II offers a true-to-life shooting experience. This product includes all of the Top Shot 1 challenges incorporated into eight different, fully 3-D target ranges and realistic simulations, including the Wild West, Trap and Skeet, and SWAT Training. There are 25 different shooting scenarios in all. It offers improved physics, an expanded arsenal of firearms, and the wherewithal to import images and photographs for target practice. Target ranges include training and safety (ten commandments of firearms safety), skeet (single and double trap shots), varmint shooting (rabbits, boars, herds), indoor (paper, pressure, speed), plinking (cans, bottles), simulation (alley, warehouse), the Old West (draw, OK Corral), and marksmanship. Moving pop-up targets and silhouettes test accuracy, speed, and nerves as you use 20 types of firearms including hand guns, shotguns, full automatics, and rifles, each rated in cartridge type, rate, and type of fire; muzzle velocity and energy; feed; weight; and length. Charts depicting bullet distance drop-off rates are provided.
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Full Demo (intro ripped) ~39Mb (uploaded by Scaryfun)
ISO Demo 70MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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