Typing Of The Dead, The Smilebit / Empire Interactive / SEGA 2000

This fun game actually uses the same rail shooter segments from House Of The Dead 2 except that instead of having to aim and shoot, you instead have to type words in an accurate and fast manner in order to shoot enemies as they appear on screen. Who would have thought there would be such a fun typing tutor for fans of shooting zombies. Hehe. Depending on how quickly you defeat your enemies, you may be able to rescue innocent bystanders, uncover bonus items, and choose alternate paths through a level, though you'll always finish each level by fighting a powerful boss monster. These boss monsters will actually challenge you in a few interesting ways. For instance, one will force you to figure out and type in the correct answer to a simple question, while another will come barreling at you with a giant chainsaw and will strike you if you can't type out a full sentence in time. The game also includes a full-fledged tutorial which instructs the virtues of touch typing, as well as a choice between Arcade, Original, [or multiplayer] modes for gameplay enjoyment once a sufficient level of secretarial skill has been mastered. The game throws funny words and phrases at you which seem the more comical for the fact that zombies can be dispatched by typing them. The game alters its difficulty depending on your typing ability and provides good reward incentive for improving your skill. Recommended to everyone for a good education and fun play in one.
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Level 54MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
Full Demo (upped by keropi)
ISO Demo ~602MB (upped by Scaryfun)

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