Project Downfall MGP Studios, Solid9 Studio 2019

Early Access Release This is a trippy, reflex based shooter with adventure elements. The game is an overall mashup of the the movie „Falling Down” with M.Douglas and the style of „Hardcore Henry” and „John Wick” in a retro (DOOM,Duke3d,Hexen etc) stylized visuals with modern post effects and Dynamic Original SoundTrack. You start in your apartment after another routine day at the office and your adventure starts from there. The storyline will progress in a non linear way with completion of main missions and subquests/missions. Main missions will be accessed from your car outside the apartment. This street level is also a hub which will open up to other parts of the city with optional missions with progression of the game. Story revolves about the downfall of the players character, who finally lost it after the constant corpo-selfmedication- routine, which will lead to one of the few endings. What to expect (Early Access): A fast paced shooter where reflexes and quick thinking count; A dynamic and fitting Original Soundtrack which adapts to what's going on on-screen; Cannon fodder; Trippy visuals; No health regen; Actually no way of replenishing your health at all; 6 levels (4 multi-staged); Combo kill and style system; The Superkick; lots of fun ways of dispatching your foes. What to expect from v. 1.0: More cannon fodder; over 20 levels; Non linear storyline progression; freeroam hub area with activities, secrets etc.; Leaderbaords; brutality finishers and environmental attacks; Achievements; and more.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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