Unreal Tournament 2004 Digital Extremes, Epic Games / Atari 2004

Epic Games and Digital Extreme planned to bring out annually a new version of Unreal Tournament similar to EA-Games and their Fifa and NHL franchises which keep improving their genres year after year, but this was last effort at that after UT2003 whose content was mostly added to this game. It features the return of assault mode on such levels as fast-moving trains barreling across an arid alien desert or on a Skaarj mother ship. There's also the new onslaught mode where each team has to control strategic points in order to attack and destroy the enemy power core. Taking place in massive outdoor environments, it also adds new flying and driving machines ranging from single man fighters to five man behemoths which take combatants to the frontline and gigantic mobile battle stations serve as a platform from which to launch devastating attacks. The game also comes with 45 new maps to toy around with, bringing the total of levels in the game to a whopping 95. There are also 3 new weapons: the Mine layer (which disperses spider-like bombs that chase and harass any enemy that comes within range), the AVRiL anti vehicle rocket launcher (which deals out a payload of massive rockets tuned to seek and destroy enemy mechanized units), and the Grenade Launcher, which launches timed explosives that will bounce on the ground and stick to enemies and enemy vehicles, only to be triggered by the weapons altfire command. A revamped version of the notorious Sniper Rifle also returns. There are 32 new characters on four new teams: the human Thunder Crash, the Robotic Corrupt, the Skaarj warriors team Iron Skull, and the Hellions made up of human mercenaries and pirates. It also offers many improvements such as voice-over IP support, voice recognition for bot commands, improved AI, redesigned menus and huds, among many others. Several free bonus packs were released and a million dollar Make Something Unreal Contest promotion was held for the best fan-made mod as was won by Red Orchestra which received first prize of $50,000 and a commercial license for the Unreal engine worth $350,000.

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Level Demo v3334 282MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
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Total Conversions
DVD ISO Demo ~3.59GB & Bonus DVD ~7.86GB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
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Fan-Made Maps/Mods
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Editor's Choice Edition - GOG Digital ISO Demo 2.43GB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Bonus Content

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