Vietcong MissionPack: Fist Alpha Alpha Pterodon / Gathering 2004

Vietcong Fist Alpha offers up seven unique single-player missions, in addition to eight new multi-player maps, all including co-op mode, expanding upon the action-packed jungle experience enjoyed in Vietcong. There are six all-new weapons, including the addition of bayonets and machetes heightening the hand-to-hand combat element of the game, and even heavier artillery filling the smoky skies with a shower of shells on both the US and NVA alike. Players will also feel the wrath of the awesome B52 Bombers, F-105 Thunderchiefs and F4 Phantom Fighters as they reign terror over the skies.
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MP Demo v1.60 (Bridge & Stream maps) ~175MB (uploaded by GameFront)
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Vietcong Purple Haze 4CD ISO Demo ~2.6GB (uploaded by Shattered)NOTES: includes Vietcong and Vietcong: First Alpha.

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