Extreme Warrior Newsoft 1998

Simple in design, but rather difficult in terms of gameplay, this Spanish platformer is from a local manufacturer of budget games of various genres. You have to play as a strange little man in a hat (a bit like a clown or a bum), who has a gun, shooting an infinite number of balls, and able to jump (alas, it is very unimportant). The action takes place in some futuristic-cyberpunk city, flooded with soldiers and bikers with different weapons (including very powerful) and a certain number of tanks: all these units conduct continuous fire "into the air", and as soon as they notice the protagonist, they switch to him. The hero has several "lives" and a small supply of health within each of them, replaced by rarely found first-aid kits. Please note that toxic liquid is also a great danger. It fills abysses that are meant to be overcome (if you touch it in a jump a little - and you don’t seem to get along without it - then your health will decrease a little, but the fall into it is imminent death, demonstrated in the form of a "colorful" transformation of a hero trying to emerge into a skeleton, and this is not the only local reference to the "Terminator"), but also sometimes dripping from somewhere above. In some cases, you will also have to look for switches to deactivate the electric fields in order to be able to go further. In case of death, the protagonist is reborn at the beginning of the current stage; previously achieved results in the form of killed enemies are preserved, but this situation makes little easier. The graphics are quite minimalist, a bit lurid, and sometimes even caricature: at times it seems that all the characters resemble poorly made toys. However, the difficulty of passing will certainly attract the attention of fans of complex platformers.
Full Demo 24MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)
included in New Games - Spanish 2CD ISO Demo 289MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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