World War II Online: Blitzkrieg Cornered Rat Software / Strategy First 2001

This massively multiplayer game (which requires a monthly fee to play) takes realism to another level. The huge battlefield stretches from England to Germany (in 1/2 scale) and really was the first game to allow both foot soldiers as well as the ability to fly combat planes and vehicles. It takes place in 1940, during the height of Germany's Blitzkrieg resulting in their takeover of the Low Countries and France and you can fight for Britain, France or Germany. The damage system is realistic so you can die from one shot. Common soldiers may find themselves marching along huge stretches of plain before reaching their target, and pilots must fly over kilometers of territory in real time. Many of the major locations of France, Belgium, Holland, and Luxembourg are depicted here, from farms and small cottages, to bombed-out towns and cities. One side's total victory may take several months. There are several game worlds running simultaneously, each supporting over 1000 players at a time. On the map of Europe are several pixels representing the current world's campaign hotspots. Zooming in to this area reveals several towns, roads, rivers, and a series of flags to show which side controls the location. Some areas display a battle icon next to them, indicating that the area is under contention. Players can enter these battle zones directly, choose from a series of pre-defined missions, or create their own. Missions fall under four categories: point attack, area attack, point defense, and area defense. The game had some notorious problems when it first started but fixes have been made since. The landscapes due to their huge size don't have great graphics but players and vehicles are ok looking. It is ambitious in its scope but the casual gamer will find it too overwhelming and you have to be patient at times before you encounter action.
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Steam Free Game (includes 2 weeks Premium subscriber access) (uploaded by Steam)

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