Earth Defense Force 5 - Mission Pack 1: Extra Challenge Sandlot / D3 Publisher 2019

This is the road to hell. The extraterrestrial life forms the Primers slam this challenge down to any elite EDF soldier: A mission pack of over 10 incredibly difficult missions. Enemies that only appeared in the hardest missions of the main campaign now appear in droves. Aliens with gear they didn't have in the main campaign will assail you. Are you brave enough to take the first step on the road to hell? Over 30 new weapons. Facing this emergency, the EDF has distributed their most craftily made weapons to their squads all over the world. These weapons, made to enhance the destructive power of the infantry brigades on the field, would make an elite looking to tackle tough missions drool. Fight for humanity. Make the impossible possible. The EDF has the gear.
Download: None currently available

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