Earth Defense Force 5 - Mission Pack 2: Super Challenge Sandlot / D3 Publisher 2019

This is pure hell. Bottomless despair, all just for the EDF elite. Unseen despair awaits in the second additional mission pack, with ten impossibly difficult missions. In these expertly-curated and mind-bogglingly difficult missions, you'll face your most powerful foes from the main campaign's hardest missions in greater numbers, as well as aliens equipped with new gear exclusive to this mission pack, not to mention the new enemy weapons. How will the EDF deal with this bottomless despair?! Over 35 new weapons, including the Sergeant's special one. Facing their second emergency, the EDF has distributed their most craftily made weapons to their squads all over the world. These weapons, made to enhance the destructive power of the infantry brigades on the field, would make an elite looking to tackle tough missions drool. The weapon that the popular Sergeant character used is also finally available. Fight for humanity. Make the impossible possible. The EDF has the gear."
Download: None currently available

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