Mission Cobra 98 The Dod-g Pos-e / Ultisoft 1998

This is a single player, side scrolling, freeware shooter which plays like Defender only without the rescuing people part. The player controls a small space ship that flies through a cave system shooting enemy craft as they go. In some sections the way ahead is blocked and the player has to blast through. There is a mini map in the top right which shows the way ahead, this is essential as contact with the walls of the cave is just as deadly as being shot by, or colliding with, an enemy ship. Along the way there are power ups, such as triple fire, to collect. The game is entirely keyboard controlled and has both music and sound effects. Way back in 94 the Pos-E began with the original version of Mission Cobra. Written in 16 bit code it wouldn't work under Windows 95, so they rewrote it and took the opportunity to make a few subtle tweaks. This revamp shares the sideways scrolling action but has totally new graphics, improved enemy attack patterns, and a totally reworked level system. Fly your ship through the various worlds, avoiding the bad guys and picking up powerups, before taking on the super end of level bosses. Originally shareware, the game was later made freeware by it's developer.
Free Game 989kb (uploaded by DOS Games Archive)

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