Metro Exodus: Sam's Story 4A Games / Deep Silver, Koch Media 2020

This is the second (after The Two Colonels) feature DLC for Metro Exodus. The main character is Sam, an American soldier who has found his way both among the inhabitants of the Moscow subway and on board the Aurora train. After all, he tries to find a way back to the United States to see if his loved ones managed to survive the war. His search leads him to Vladivostok, devastated by a powerful tsunami, where his survival skills are put to the test. Unlike the previous DLC, which offered a linear stage, this provides us with an open map, which we can freely move around. You will find there, among others, old industrial buildings, a destroyed bay and a residential district. During the game we have to be careful not to get killed by people living in the ruins (and under them) as well as bloodthirsty mutants. It's also available as part of the Expansion Pass.
Download: None currently available

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