Borderlands 3: Guns, Love and Tentacles Gearbox Software / 2K Games 2020

The second feature expansion to Borderlands 3, a first-person shooter with RPG elements. The plot revolves around two NPCs from the basic version of the game - Sir Alistair Hammerlock and Wainwright Jakobs - who organize their engagement party on the icy planet Xylourgos. A character lead by player takes part in that party. The group meets in the city of Cursehaven, which is built on the corpse of a mighty beast - Vault Monster. Unfortunately, the party is interrupted by cultists who want to resurrect a creature that lies underneath the city. The player must face a threat. However, he will not be alone, because Gaige and her companion Deathtrap, who is currently planning the wedding, will help him. The player's task is to fight against encountered enemies, develop characters and acquire equipment - so-called loot. The add-on introduces new locations, equipment and enemies (among them you can find various kinds of monsters and mutant cultists).
Download: None currently available

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