STX: The Sentinel Conspiracy Escape Factory / Wild Tangent 2004

3D racing like the Spy Hunter retro spy game. You are the perfect TA9 agent to steal the new Tach6. Besides being a speed monster, it’s also the best murder weapon in the world. Now you have to escape from the pursuit, using all the power of Tach6. Take a wild ride in the ultimate driving - and killing - machine. Enjoy this eerily familiar top-down driving action / arcade style game revamped and ready for the future. Take on the role of TA9's best secret agent, codenamed STX, who has just stolen the Tach6 prototype combat racing car from the Sentinel Corporation. Unfortunately, the theft was noticed and Sentinel Corp. has sent their fleet after you and the prized weapon. Use the Tach6's weapons and powers to help STX escape with the car and life.
Full Demo 7.5MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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