Star Wars: The Path Not Taken 1997

This Shipset contains 60 missions through two campaigns, nine new ships, two new factions to fight for or against, and a new, detailed storyline, broken into two campaigns. It tells the story of an altered Star Wars galaxy, one where the Battle of Endor didn't go quite the way we remember it. Also, several of the main characters mentioned in the Shipset have hand-drawn portraits. Features: A detailed story, played out from the perspective of a new pilot on either side of the conflict. This is nothing new. The plot is integral to the mission structure, rather than an arbitrary, "thrown-in-at-the-last-minute" gesture. This is very new; Full briefings, which seems to be a rarity. Detailed text briefings allow gamers to follow the shipset's plot; gamers who just want to hurry up and get to the missions can just watch the animated briefings and skip all the extra stuff; Nine totally new ships, including seven new pilotable starfighters! These ships were modeled by some of the most talented 3D artists in the racket - Michael "Steele" Bowes, Andreas Kroell, and Michael Anderson; Custom voices and sounds, to further the plotline running through the two campaigns; A new (though very brief) introductory animation which plays when the game is run with the Watch Introductory Cutscene option, as well as a couple of short in-game cutscenes; Several new datapad backgrounds, replacing the backgrounds seen during the mission selection screens.
Download v1.3 + Connor's Shipset Launcher (required) 13MB+254kb (uploaded by Official Site)
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