Touhou Mechanical Scrollery Miko's manners / Phoenixx Inc. 2018

This is a free-flying Hunting Action RPG. Attack from the air and hunt down your targets as Reimu or Marisa. Combat System: Regular Attacks - You have two types of regular attacks... Melee and shooting. Hit with melee attacks to charge your Shot Gauge. Spell Cards - Hit with shooting attacks to charge your Spell Gauge. Spend your Spell Gauge to use Spell Cards, unleashing beautiful and devastating danmaku patterns to overwhelm enemies. Grazing - means to barely avoid an enemy attack. This charges your Shot Gauge. Destructible Body Parts - Enemy bodies have parts that can be destroyed to net you materials used in weapon crafting. Break those parts and get those mats. Equipment System - Use materials to upgrade your equipment and make your Spell Cards fancier and more powerful. Story - Invader weapons called Metal Spiders have appeared in Gensokyo. Why are they popping up around the Human Village? Reimu and Marisa set out to the Human Village to get to the bottom of the incident. Story scenes feature all characters in Live2D. The story is set after the events of Forbidden Scrollery and Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom, but you don't have to be familiar with either of those stories to enjoy this one. Initially in Japanese, a Steam English version came out in April/2020.
Download: None currently available

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