Cirno Gets Clever Yoship1639 2018

You can enjoy NES-style full-scale shooting that is faithful to the original and arranged. Since it has a national score ranking, please do your best to reach the first place in your country. Play several times to unlock practice modes, skin changes, music rooms, and more. Cirno found a strange box during the walk. When he opened the box, light wrapped around Cirno and he heard a voice from nowhere. "You wouldn't want to be ridiculed by those around you. It would be very disappointing. Then give you the ability to acquire the wisdom of others. Then you won't be ridiculed, You would be respected by everyone. ‚ÄĚCirno, who was reluctant to be ridiculed, was very pleased with the abilities he had been given and flew into the sky in a good mood. Try to strengthen AVOID BY SPELL as much as possible. The avoidance time by the bomb when hit is extended. The next thing to strengthen is SHOT POWER. Cirno's attack power increases. You will be able to conquer the boss battle, so try to strengthen it as much as possible. If you get used to it, try not to use IQ in the second half so that you can aim for a high score. The height of IQ is directly related to the score acquisition amount.
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