Borderlands 3: Bounty of Blood - A Fistful of Redemption Gearbox Software / 2K Games 2020

This DLC is heavily inspired by Westerns such as 3:10 to Yuma and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. On a frontier world, the Vault Hunters will encounter the Devil Riders, a gang that uses experimental Saurian mounts. There's plenty of unique things to do, from helping the locals to hunting down reels of film and returning them to the town theater. Return all of them and there's a full movie for you to watch. It is included with the Borderlands 3 Season Pass. New Gameplay Features: Mount your new weaponized Jetbeast vehicle and keep an eye out for local flora and other environmental features that can give you an edge in combat and expand your explorational pursuits. Traitorweeds that charm enemies and Breezeblooms that boost you into the air are just a couple of examples. Welcome to Gehenna - Once a long-gone company's testing ground for weaponry and biological experiments, the dusty wastes of Gehenna are now lorded over by genetically modified beasts and their keepers, the vicious Devil Riders gang. Answer the call - If you're eager to travel to Gehenna and hunt the Devil Riders but not far enough into the Borderlands 3 story to use Sanctuary III, level-boost straight to campaign add-on content when creating a new Vault Hunter so you can head there right away. Enemies and loot on the all-new frontier planet will scale to your Vault Hunter's level, so you'll be suitably challenged and rewarded as you explore the dusty wastes and cut canyons in search of your quarry. Save the town - As you complete new story and side missions on Gehenna, your actions will have a tangible and lasting impact on the locals' livelihoods and on the town of Vestige itself. Reap the rewards - Help out the Vestige townsfolks and the Sheriff's bounty won't the only reward you collect. Expect new Legendary items, Vault Hunter Heads, Vehicle Skins, Interactive Room Decorations, and more.
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