Maddrax (cancelled) Soft Enterprises / i3D Software 2002

This is a cancelled action adventure that was in development by German team. The game was based on a popular (in Germany) novel / comic book series, a science fiction and horror crossover combining the fascination and thrill of both genres. In the year 2012 earth is threatened by the imminent impact of the gigantic comet “Christopher-Floyd”. A squadron of fighter jets led by the pilot Matthrew Drax is sent out to observe the effects of earth’s last hope – a barrage of long range nuclear missiles launched from an interstellar space station. The attempt fails and the comet hits earth. The resulting impact hurls Matthew Drax and his squadron 500 years into the future leaving them stranded in a reality radically changed as a result from the comet hitting earth. It is the 25th century. The pilots witness the remainders of huge glaciers – the end of an ice age. Matthew Drax crashes and is rescued out of his crashed jet by the barbarian woman Aruula. Aruula – a skilled sword fighter and psychic talent – accompanies the pilot. Together with his female companion Matt experiences amazing adventures while trying to make sense of a world where most human societies have degenerated and many creatures have mutated to furious monsters. Depending on the chapter of the game the player will control either Matthew Drax or Aruula. Matthew Drax will be played from a first person view allowing the player to use modern weapons and machinery. Aruula will be played from a third person view making the best use of her swords fighting skills and psychic talents. In multiplayer game mode two players control one of the characters in a cooperative mode making this game unique. According to their special strengths and weaknesses the individual characters will not be able to use some of the objects found in the game. The players therefore need to work together in order to complete the given puzzles and levels. A playable prototype used by the team to pitch Maddrax to publishers was found and preserved online.
Prototype ISO Demo 181MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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