Contract Killers Kapi Kapi Games 2020

Fast paced top down shooter, you need to be fast and deadly, choose your character, pick new contract, prepare your weapons and kill your target. Get rewarded and buy new more deadly weapons. Kill your target and get reward. Use your Cold Blood to slow down time and be more precise. Choose from your favorite weapons like katana, chainsaw, magnum or even minigun. It's a fast and hard top down shooter, where you will die fast and re-play faster as you become master and start feeling flow how to dance with enemy and pick their weapons on the fly. Features: 24 - levels with different enemies and challenges; Cold Blood - Bullet time loading after killing new guys; Akimbo mode - dual wielding small firearms shooting, where you can choose angle of your arms; Stun enemies - stun your enemies by throwing weapons or beating them with bat or fist.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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