OpenJK 2003

This is an effort by the JACoders group to maintain and improve the game engines on which the Jedi Academy (JA) and Jedi Outcast (JO) games run on, while maintaining full backwards compatibility with the existing games. This project does not attempt to rebalance or otherwise modify core gameplay. Our aims are to: Improve the stability of the engine by fixing bugs and improving performance; Provide a clean base from which new JO and JA code modifications can be made; Make available this engine to more operating systems - To date, we have ports on Linux and macOS. Currently, the most stable portion of this project is the Jedi Academy multiplayer code, with the single player code in a reasonable state. Rough support for Jedi Outcast single player is also available, however this should be considered heavily work in progress.
Download 14MB (uploaded by Github)

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