Dark Data Pixelfoot Games / The Incubator 2019

In a world driven by blackmail, time is not money...crime is. Do you have what it takes to uncover the truth while staring at the business end of a gun? This is a local multiplayer FPS based on the unreleased mid-nineties film of the same name. Square off in diverse locations with up to 3 friends and cutthroat digital Artificial Intelligence in full 360 degree combat. Game Types: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, HOLD YOUR DEATH, Capture The Floppy, Occupation. Up to 8 Combatants per Match: 1-4 Players, 1-7 AI. Kill with Variety and Style: 19 Unique Weapons, 11 Multiplayer Maps, State-of-the-Art Character Creator, Multitudes of Outfits and Accessories. Strive to become the leader on the Dark Data DIRTcoin leaderboards. Will you fight along the Corruptors to dismantle the DIRTcoin economy, or side with the government-backed Verification Agents who keep the system thriving? The choice is yours.
Download: None currently available

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