Shadow Of The Wool Ball WatchDaToast aka MSPaintR0cks 2018

This is a parody first person shooter originally a 2016 ZDoom total conversion of Doom II before being made standalone. It's patterned after Wolfenstein 3D, though a lot less gory. You take the role of hedgehog Scott, who has to save his girlfriend from the clutches of an evil empire of space kittys that has enslaved his entire home planet. The game contains 18 levels, split up into three episodes. Oh crap. An evil, curtain-scratching and hairball-vomiting force from outer space has arrived on your peaceful home planet. They captured you and all your friends, built ugly factories everywhere and littered the landscapes with cat hair and poop. And on top of that, they took that one girl you just got together with onto one of their ships, which is heading towards outer space. Do you have the balls of wool to pack your guns, escape from your prison, and go on a journey through space to free your world from this abomination?
Free Standalone Game v1.3 5.7MB (uploaded by ModDB)

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