Mikan Sunflat 1995

Monstrously complex vertical shmup originally from Japan (but in English), which, despite the simplicity of the gameplay reaching the level of primitiveness, may well be called original. e race on a lonely ship somewhere in space, fighting ... fruit. Either tangerines fly in rows, forcing us to maneuver between them, firing in parallel, then oranges appear in pairs, shooting balls three jokes at a time, then grapefruit suddenly appear, chasing us from behind, firing in all directions. Actually, everything is the same as in a regular shmup, only fruits instead of enemy ships. The whole gameplay is to survive in this fruit chaos. There are no bonuses, the type of weapon is only one, the background of the whole game does not change. Our ship has nine lives; after the loss of each (except the last), the game does not stop, the number simply decreases. Literally a minute or two after the start of the gameplay becomes extremely difficult due to the large number of opponents and shells fired by them, so only experienced players can last longer. Both the drawing of objects and special effects were performed very modestly - but the graphics can in no way be called bad. It’s just such a style, and it is good in its own way. All shots and explosions are voiced.
Free Game 110kb (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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