Clean Asia! Cactus Games 2007

In a story as exotic as the gameplay itself, the eyes of all of mankind have left their hosts and fled to the moon, in preparation of complete world domination. Having developed their hostile weapon technology, they return to earth ten years later and invade Asian territory. Thailand and New Korea succumb, while China refuses any outside help to battle the invaders. America sends a pair of pilot twins to face the invasion. This is an extremely fast and hectic shmup where players can choose from two very different pilots to attack a number of enemies in rapid succession. The player's ship is no larger than a tiny white dot, while the enemies and the background are made up of colourful outlined figures, spraying massive amounts of bullets that often cover the entire screen. The first pilot Mickey R. Dole flies the Attractor. This is the most difficult mode. The main means of attack is a short, powerful thrust that slices through enemies and leaves the player invincible for a short time. Having damaged the opponent, the player can attract the pieces of metal that have come loose, and then launch it as a powerful attack. By doing this in rapid succession, large combos can be created. The second pilot Mackey I. Dole flies the Reflector. This mode offers more traditional shmup gameplay. There is a button to fire bullets, another to reflect all attacks (including contact with enemies), a powerful shot can be charged with another button, and a final one absorbs debris to power up - leading to explosive charge shots and upgraded weapons. Only three lives are available and all three regions (Thailand, New Korea and Chine) are available right away. The game was created for the AutoFire 2007 Shooter Competition.
Free Game 5.6MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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