Last Dalek, The New Media Collective / BBC 2005

The Last Dalek, also known as Dalek Game, was an online browser-playable Flash third-person shooter game based on the Doctor Who episode Dalek. The Player was in control of the Dalek inside, also known as the Metaltron. The aim of the game was to escape the Vault, destroy the TARDIS and exterminate the Ninth Doctor. Arrows ensure the movement of the Dalek, and a click of the mouse shoots at enemies. However, the Dalek may have several different weapons or tools that can be used (maximum two at a time, but it is possible to change anytime). There are ten different levels with 74 different rooms altogether, only the third has two tools / weapons and the latter did not count. Enemies include: Scientists - Unarmed and no threat. In some cases, you must exterminate them all before going into another room; Guards - Armed with pistols, takes several hits to destroy the Dalek; In Level 7 and onwards, guards with cloaking devices appear. The Dalek obtains the Inter-Spectral Vision to detect them. Sentry Unit: The Dalek is unable to destroy it but if it takes several hits, it retreats itself into the ground temporarily. The Dalek can also prevent it from coming back up by occupying its space while it's underground; The Doctor - The Boss. Is able to fire 3 shots at once. When you defeat him in Level 9, you take his alien weapon. He fights the Dalek again in the final level, but since the Dalek has the weapon he is easier to kill. Upon completing the game, the player achieves a rank depending on their progress. From lowest to highest; Standard Dalek, Imperial Dalek, Supreme Dalek, Dalek Prime, Dalek Ultima, Dalek Emperor.
Free Game 2.1MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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