Half-Life: Echoes 1998

This is a single player mod for Half-Life set in the Half-Life universe, taking place during the Black Mesa Incident. The player takes control of a scientist simply known as "Subject 12" and his perspective of the Black Mesa Incident. It ties into plot threads brought up in the later Half-Life games such as Half-Life 2: Episode Two, such as The G-Man being responsible for delivering the Xen crystal sample and starting the incident. The climax features a recreation of the ending of Marc Laidlaw's fan-fiction "Epistle 3" (which featured a possible story outline for the unreleased Half-Life 2: Episode Three) with Gordon Freeman and Alyx Vance on the Borealis heading for a dyson sphere, with the G-Man appearing and taking Alyx away from Freeman as depicted in the story.
Download v1.4 255MB (uploaded by ModDB)

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