Willy Jetman: Astromonkey's Revenge Last Chicken Games / BadLand Publishing 2020

The most unlikely hero stars in the biggest 2D adventure of the year. Save the planet Gravos, free its people, face the toughest bosses... And don't forget to recycle. A collision in the orbit of the planet Gravos is the starting point of an unforgettable adventure with tons of fun and love for the classics. Willy, the space sweeper, was only supposed to pick up the wreckage of the AC-137 cargo ship, but he soon discovered that something very messy was brewing on the surface of Gravos, and inside its complex cave system. This is a 2D adventure in the purest Metroidvania style that fuses platforms with fierce shooter mechanics and RPG elements. Upgrade your arsenal and jetpack power to reach unexplored areas of Gravos. Defeat the toughest bosses. Reach for glory. Features: Explore Gravos, a dangerous planet full of secret caves and aggressive fauna; Space Recycling: Make money by recovering the fragments from the AC-137 cargo ship; Armed and ready for action - Choose your favorite weapon from a huge arsenal that includes machine gun, flame thrower, ray gun and grenades; Talk to the locals at the tavern for clues and visit the PeachStore to unlock exclusive benefits in exchange for gold trophies; Shooter action, exploration, RPG elements, lots of humor and impressive bosses; Relive the spirit of the 2D classics, from Solar Jetman to Cave Story.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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