Star Wars Remake MinionSoft 2006

This is a remake of the 1983 Star Wars arcade game featuring 3 different levels to conquer. Instead of the original wire-frame graphics, this remake has fully-textured 3D graphics. Stage 1: Fighter Attack - On your way to the Death Star you will encounter a squadron of TIE Fighters. Shoot them down before they shoot you. Be warned, Darth Vader is also with his squadron of fighters and may take an attack on your ship himself. TIE Fighters = 1,000, Darth Vader = 2,000, Plasma shots = 33. Stage 2: Surface Attack (Wave 2 onwards) - Now you must skim the surface of the Death Star. Shoot out the surface placements, cannons, and towers from wave 3 onwards. Each tower awards you more points each hit. Shooting all the towers awards you a 25,000 point bonus. Cannon = 200, Tower top = 200, Plasma shots = 33, All tower tops = 25,000. Stage 3: Trench Run - Your final stage. Skim down the trench towards the exhaust port in order to fire your proton torpedoes. Avoid the cannons and the trench catwalks. Here you will be prompted to use the force. If you manage to get to the end without firing you will be awarded a FORCE bonus of 50,000 points. Cannon = 100, Plasma shots = 33, Shooting Deathstar = 25,000.
Free Game 12MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
included in Minionsoft arcade remakes for Windows 10 1.0.3 63MB (uploaded by GameEx)

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