New Gunbound Rocket Punch Games / Softnyx 2021

Release Date: TBA This is an online casual shooting game with 'Turn Battles' that are memorable, 'Real-time Battles' that require your full attention, unique mobiles, numerous items, Maps and modes that will keep you entertained for a long time!! Select the Mobile you like, use various item and achieve victory. It's stories are written by adventurers like you. Real-time battles that keep you on your toes. Have you ever felt helpless by the enemy attacks? You do not have to feel that way now. You can avoid enemy attacks now. In real-time mode, all users will play the game using 'action power'. If the enemy's attacks are coming move and avoid. Oh, are you locked in a place you can not move? In that case, escape from the area by using the emergency escape. Realtime battles keep you emerged into the world of Gundbound and has a charm that gets you addicted once you play. What is a Mobile? Mobile refers to a single-person boarding weapon used in Lond. Each of the mobiles is classified as either Hu Boee[Machine], Miramo[Biology], or Adium[magic], in which each has its own unique characteristics. Depending on the concept, each Mobile is either equipped with S1, S2, and SS missiles. Various Mobiles with Unique Characteristics: The Mobiles are divided into the Huboee[Machine], Miramo[Biology], and Adium[magic] classes. Each mobile class has its own distinctive characteristics, and every mobile in the classes have a uniqueness of their own. Is it overpowering? Don't let your guard down. If your only reliance is on the Mobile, then you will not last long. Battle Items can be crafted and equipped in the "Battle Item" window so they can be used during a battle. For each use, 01 unit of your manufactured reserves will be consumed. Each item has a different cooldown and will accumulate a certain "delay" on your turn. Depending on the Battle Item, it can reach up to 03 quality levels; where naturally, the highest will have a better effect, will provide more delay and will require more materials for its manufacture. Distinctive Map - it has different areas to explore, each with different landscapes, terrain, and environments. Fight and achieve victory in all of them. In addition to the possibility of exploring different landscapes, players can choose between 2 types of terrain in each of them. This variety of zones and environments will make players live in different situations in each battle.
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