Wally and the Fantastic Predators Boon 2019

This is intended to be a harder than average rogue-lite with an emphasis on mastering pinball-like speed. You only have one bullet you carry, a boomerang that does timed hits, allowing you to speed up Wally's movement and increases the game's difficulty with each successful strike. Player two controls all enemies, bosses, and the dungeon itself. Daily twists spawn a different mechanic every day which I personally oversee. Racetracks - Master the game's breakneck speed. It has a very high skill ceiling and those who put in the time to learn the game's mechanics will be rewarded with the fastest rogue-lite ever created. Combat is HARD AS HECK and surgically precise. You do timed hits to defeat enemies, then you're rewarded with gameplay changing upgrades, such as attaching bombs to your boomerang to destroy walls. Player 2 can join and act as the Dungeon. He can control all enemies and bosses, and choose how the game will get harder. Meet a shopkeeper with social anxiety. Every run is different, after completing a floor a rule will change for the rest of the run. Such as changing the behavior of enemies, bombs, or bullets. Gameplay changing upgrades (such as drawing a path for your boomerang to follow). Racetracks - to master the game's tight controls. Daily Runs but every day there is a different global twist. A Daily Speed Run, Reach the fifth floor as fast as possible while one-shotting enemies by rolling into them. A Daily run that is completely normal. If you are a fan of rogue games you are going to love Wally.
Download: None currently available

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