Nomltest FS keim (Kei Mesuda) 2005

This is one of the best Space Invaders clone you'll ever play, although you won't think it likely from looking at the screenshot. Although the graphics are nothing special (with "ripped" sprites from Space Invaders, no less), what makes it unique and addictive are the cool gameplay modes. Best of these is the "eat bullet" feature: you can 'eat' enemy bullets by capturing them, and holding down both shoot keys expands your eat radius (although slowing you down). Shooting bigger enemies are worth more points, but you can get huge bonus points from clearing whole waves of smaller enemy ships. The game is much deeper than it first appears - figure out how the "Kuidaore Rule" really works (apparently, it has to do with matching bullet colors to your ship's color, which you can change at will). And while the graphics are not much to look at, the gameplay is very fast and furious, and the music is quite catchy. Last but not least, the game saves your replays, making it easy for SHMUP masters to boast their achievements publicly ;) All in all, a wonderful game that definitely belongs in every SHMUP fan's collection.
Free Game 170kb (uploaded by Abandonia Reloaded)

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