Libtard: The Satire Game Wise Monkey Entertainment Ltd. 2020

Early Access Release Slay Your Enemies Or Die Trying... 8-Bit Politicians Battle Their Way To The Glory Of Re-Election. Join Trump, Bernie, Alex Jones + More Through 8 Unique + Hilarious Storylines. This Action-packed Comedy Satire boasts great looking artwork, fun gameplay, and hilarious cutscenes focussed on delivering maximum entertainment value. When we have our final build ready later this year we aim to have 120 Hilarious and Unique Levels. (On Full Release - 8 Storylines) Follow the side-splitting stories of your favorite political faces and charge into battle against Libtards, Snowflakes and Fascists alike. Created By Gareth Owens and starring World-Famous Impersonator John Di Domenico as Donald Trump.
Download: None currently available

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