Hyper Scape Ubisoft 2020

This is an FPS game focused on online PvP battles played under the rules of battle royale. The project is based on a free-to-play model and offers a cross-play option, allowing owners of different hardware platforms to play together. Fight your way through the unique districts of Neo Arcadia, a virtual city featuring imposing landmarks that bring verticality to the next level. Engage in high-stakes combat as you explore its streets, interiors, and rooftops. Loot special abilities to bend the rules: WALL - Too far from cover? Deploy this and instantly put a big, resilient wall between you and your enemies; ARMOR - Become a fortress and mitigate damage when activated; SHOCKWAVE - Send a shockwave out sending your enemies flying. May experience desirable flight outcomes if used on yourself; HEAL - Keep your friends close, and this area-of-effect Hack will keep them healthy and ready to fight; INVISIBILITY - Get the drop on opponents or keep them guessing in a fight by cloaking yourself for a limited time; REVEAL - Information is everything. The Reveal Hack will ping the location of nearby enemies for you and your squad; TELEPORT - Need to get somewhere fast? Teleport lets you aim at a distant location and zip there in a heartbeat. MINE - If hostile Contenders get too close to this proximity mine, it'll home in and unleash a devastating explosion; SLAM - Leap high into the air and smash back down to the ground, dealing damage to any enemies around you and send them flying; BALL - Turn yourself into a bouncing ball. Is there really anything more we need to say? It offers two ways to win: Fight to be the last one standing, or capture the Crown that spawns near the end of the match. Keep possession of the Crown for long enough, and you and your squad will claim victory. Our Crowncast Twitch extension allows viewers to vote on game-changing effects that impact all players in real-time. More features are coming soon, such as Squad invite and Battle Pass progression. Watch it in action or get to streaming.
Free Game (uploaded by Official Site)

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