S.C.A.R Savage Studios / Audio Visual Enterprises S.A. 2020

Early Access Release S.C.A.R (A.k.a Simulating Carnage And Rockets) is a First-Person Shooter, that as-the-name-implies, simulates carnage. Face endless hordes of monsters and mutated beasts, with only one goal in mind. Your demise. Kill your way through lots of stages, enter portals, and use lots of weapons with many uses against enemies. You also have a grappling hook that can grab anything and take you close or far from it. With a powerful and aggressive music to match the environment you are in, immerse through enemies and bosses, reaching the end of the stage, and going straight to the next one. It offers you a retro experience of monster killing and bloody action.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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