Old Good STALKER Evolution OGSR Team 2016

This fan-made standalone game boasts the most polished Stalker experience (it started as a S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl mod). It supposedly has fewer bugs than most other Stalker mods, and it is highly customizable from a launcher menu that you can fiddle around with before playing. It makes it a breeze to change things like carrying weight and other variables that would otherwise require you to edit the game's config files. It follows more or less the same story as the original SoC, except there are some additional quests. It has new weapons that are decently modeled. There are features present in OGSE not witnessed in other mods, such as animals or mutants being able to devour corpses - eventually, there's literally just a skeleton left. You can also get a preview of what is in each stash on the map when you hover your mouse over it. One of OGSE's most impressive features is driving. The vehicle handling is rather good and fuel economy is more realistic too, unlike, say, Lost Alpha, which requires you to refill your tank every mile. Petrol is also uncommon in the game. Some enemies have received an upgrade, too. The controller is the most noticeable. Controllers are a force to be reckoned with, and even being too close to one can have dire consequences for the player. A player will begin to experience a swirling screen when one is nearby and if they spot you, they can even make you into a zombie. Turning into a zombie is a gradual process that takes days, and is nearly incurable, at least by most conventional methods.
Final 2.0 Standalone Parts 1-6 + Patch 2.10R + Revised_fix2 (uploaded by ModDB)

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