Chunker Shiftrick 2020

This is a 2D rouge-lite bullet shooting action game of the survival and journey of the small creature, ‘Chunker', used and abandoned in the underground World after the reckless environmental destruction and various experiments committed by the humans. Features: Endlessly pouring Hack-and-Slash - Bird’s-eye View Bullet Action Shooter; Unlimited Skill Enhancement - Random Attainment of Skill & Passive Combination; New Feeling Every Round - Condition Changes from ‘Rogue-like’ implementation; Unlock new items and skills from the collected money. There are 80 weapons and 20 passive skills, using a system of which the form of attack changes depending on which passive skills are combined. In the number of cases, the pros of Chunker is the hundreds of weapon combination possible and various battle experiences are possible based on the different combination system. As a result of endless bio-research experiments for human treatment, immortality, military, war, and more, various mutative cells were mass-produced and were disposed at a particular area. Certain mutated cells survived from mere death and evolved into a creature; therefore various creatures that do not exist on the ground appeared in the disposal sites. These creatures are collectively called the Chunkers. The majority of the chunkers adapt to the environment there, but the main character Chunker begins to think of the reasons why they are created and why they have to live in such places. “Where did I come from.. and who am I…” Chunker opens its eyes within the sewer wastes in the underground of the lab it was abandoned... Will it be possible to escape the dark and brutal underground World.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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