Last Day, The Guy Moss, Julia Boswell / Europress Software, Maxis Software 1994

As Lieutenant 'Big L.', a player has to rescue his team of raw recruits from trouble, shooting off evil prehistoric creatures. At start of each level, Big L. arrives at a location by his spaceship and finds his men surrounded by enemies which are quickly getting closer. He has to run up to every recruit to pick the guy up and carry him back to the ship, luckily it's possible to run and shoot at the same time. When one of the men is wounded by an enemy, he must be picked up within a few seconds, otherwise he "explodes" and dies. On each level it is sufficient to rescue at least one of the men, but if they all die it's a game over. When all of the men are either rescued or dead, the ship takes off and leaves but Big L. stays to kill the rest of the enemy and complete the level. There are several power-ups. All actions are mouse controlled. The game was made with Klik & Play.
Full Demo 2.4MB (uploaded by

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