BZFlag Chris Schoeneman, Tim Riker 2000

BZFlag, short for Battle Zone capture the Flag, is an online first-person shooter tank game. The code and media is licensed under the LGPL 2.1, with pieces of code and fonts being under other free licenses. Originally written by Chris Schoeneman, it is now maintained by Tim Riker. The game is written in the C++ programming language. BZFlag was written originally in C by Chris Schoeneman along with some of his classmates in 1992 when he was a student. Later, he rewrote the game into C++ for SGI's IndiZone contest. He won a computer for winning the Reality Engine category. BZFlag has several different game modes, including capture the flag, deathmatch, and kill the rabbit. Thus there are numerous BZFlag servers hosting different kinds of games. Players control tanks with which they can jump. Flags are items that enhance or handicap tanks' abilities. An example is a radar jamming flag, which jams your radar for a certain period of time. Another is a machine gun flag, which makes evading bullets impossible at close range, though it is also handicapped by the fact that it have a shorter range. Some flags are very deadly, such as the ability to launch homing missiles, making it very easy for a tank to get several kills in a row. Different servers often have different rules, affecting gameplay. For example, there is a laser only game where everyone only use laser to kill each other. Others have no jump rule, while others make jumping to allow the possibility of prolonged aerial combat.
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Free Game v2.0.16 14MB (uploaded by Official Site)
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